How To Install Guide

How To Install Guide

Artificial grass can be installed on many different surfaces, which is why it’s perfect for patios, verandas and balconies as well as lawns or sports areas, it can even be installed indoors!

Fitting an artificial lawn outdoors

1. Remove your existing lawn and apply weed-killer to the whole area.

2. Edge the area neatly with wood or timber and secure it firmly into the soil.

3. Compact the soil (you might need to hire a whacker or vibrating plate) and add a 50-75mm hardcore layer. If you need extra drainage, use limestone chip instead.

4. Add 15mm of sharp sand or dust granite before compacting again.

5. Pop a weed membrane over the compacted area and attach it to your wooded border.

6. Lay your new artificial grass over the top and trim to fit. Use galvanised nails to fix it to the timber.

7. Brush your grass to raise the pile, so it looks like the real thing.

8. Stand back and admire your handy work!


Other Surfaces 

If your artificial grass is being laid on a harder surface, like concrete or tarmac, clear away any rubbish first so the area’s flat before you start. Then stretch the lawn out and roller it to get rid of any ripples.

Once that’s done, use a specialist adhesive to stick it down. We’d also recommend brushing kiln-dried sand (8kgs per m2) into the pile before you start using it.


Fitting an artificial lawn indoors

Artificial grass installations indoors are quite straightforward, as there’s no need for digging first. In most cases, the floor is already level.

Here’s how a typical indoor artificial grass installation would go. An artificial grass specialist or installer would:

  1. Prepare the area and ensure the floor is clean and clear of debris
  2. Install a shock pad layer (optional) to create a soft, safe, level surface
  3. Lay the artificial grass
  4. Secure all joins with glue

TIP: Depending on where you choose to install artificial grass, you may not require a shockpad layer. Speak to our artificial grass specialist to see what they advise.


If you’re not confident about fitting your artificial grass yourself, you’ll be able to find people to do it for you locally online.

We can deliver your grass to you and by not offering a fitting service, Urmston Grass ensures you get the very best prices on your artificial grass and we believe you can easily lay your own artificial grass with a small amount of preparation and a lot of pride.  

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