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Description & Additional Information

Super High Quality Artificial Grass

The premium high quality UV stabilized artificial grass, Mayfair is our state-of-the-art ultimate artificial lawn product.

Made with Micro Nerve yarn this tough grass comes with a 10 year guarantee and is fully UV stabilized.

Offering a generous pile height, naturally-matched colour tones and long-lasting durability, this exceptional artificial grass is the ultimate garden show-stopper. Mayfair is a first-class choice for any lawn.

Mayfair combines elegance and soft-to-touch luxury with practical durability and longevity, delivering one of the most premium quality artificial grass lawn products available today. Manufactured using two different shapes of yarn with extra dense supporting infill, this unique artificial grass is suitable for all garden, terrace and domestic applications in the UK. Child and pet friendly, Mayfair artificial grass is extremely durable, maintaining a luscious, perfectly-mowed green lawn look year round.

Pile Height: 35mm, 31,500 stitches per m2. 2,900 gr/m2. 3/8th Gauge.

Our honest opinion

Mayfair is a unique and market leading product. It features a 35mm pile height, using three different colours of yarn, tufted at three different heights to give the most realistic look possible. With Micro Nerve yarn technology, this grass offers both great resilience and less light reflection. It’s high density gives it a luxurious feel and its’ 100% polyethylene construction means it is one of the hardest wearing artificial grasses available.

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